What’s so special about this 5k?
All proceeds from this event will go to drilling a well to provide clean drinking water to a community in
Northeast Haiti (Plain du Nord) that currently has no access to clean water.
The Get Well Soon 5k will start at the Christ Church building and run across prairie to the equestrian trail where the bulk of the race takes place as well on easements in the area. There is no running on any road. Runners do cross two very lightly
traveled cul de sacs but not on any high traffic paved roads.
Runners will be asked to carry an empty gallon jug to a point on the course where they will drop it off and continue on the
course looping back to where they drop off the jug. They then fill it with water from a stock tank and complete the last third of 
the race carrying the jug of water. This is designed to highlight the plight of those in Haiti who, with no access to clean water,
regularly have to carry water (which is usually unclean) over great distances every day just to survive.
Walkers are welcome and will start behind the runners.
Registration until Feb 23 is $25 add $12 for a cool t-shirt
Registration Feb 24- March 15 is $30 add $12 for a cool t-shirt
Registration March 16-March 27 is $35 add $12 for a cool t-shirt